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Getting Started:


This page is a complete guide to getting setup as a director for Rehearsal Live Share. 


If you are a participant looking for a setup guide, see our Getting Started: Participants page.  

Step 1: Install Rehearsal Live Share
Installing Rehearsal Live Share
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To get started, directors must first install the RLS application.  Note that directors must use the desktop version of Rehearsal Live Share on Windows or Mac to build shows and direct live share sessions.  You can download RLS for Mac or Windows by going to the downloads page.  


Once there, click the link corresponding to the platform you are using.  Doing so will download an RLS installer to your downloads folder.  Double-click the installer to begin the install process.  You may be prompted to provide your computer’s admin password.  After interacting with setup dialogs, the installation will be completed, and you will find a shortcut on your desktop to open rehearsal live share.  Once installation is completed, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Create and/or Sign In To Your Account