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Known Issues

  • RLS Sessions are limited to 30 users (1 director + 29 participants) or 871 users using serialization, which allows you to designate up to 29 sub-directors with their own groups of 30. We plan to increase the size after further optimization and testing.  Attempting to direct an RLS session with more participants than your computer can handle will result in issues.  See our equipment recommendations page for suggestions on what directors can use for high participant count sessions.

  • Naming songs with unsafe characters (emojis, dots(.), etc.) will result in some features not working properly.  Please only use safe characters when naming your songs (upper case or lower case alphanumeric).

  • Song names that are too long will result in recording and sharing issues on Windows computers. 

  • checking "director can participate" and "record video" at the same time will cause playback issues on director's computer.

  • Changing to or from internal speakers to wired headphones on iOS devices while RLS is open will result in distorted playback.  To fix this, force quit the app, plug in your headphones, then reopen the RLS app.  Always make sure the app is closed completely before before plugging in headphones to avoid this issue.

  • Some Apple computers will exhibit issues if headphones are not plugged in before launching RLS.   If you are encountering problems getting sound on a mac, quit RLS, plug in your headphones, then launch RLS.  If a lack of sound persists, check your RLS preferences in the audio tab.

  • Android users will be unable to utilize the built-in camera on their device.

  • Some devices may require periodic re-calibrations with the buffer adjustment mechanism.

  • When using Bluetooth headphones with Windows, there is sometimes more than one sound driver to select for your speaker output.  One of them will typically include the word "Stereo", while the other will be labeled, "Hands Free AG".  In this case, "Stereo" is the preferred selection.  The "Hands free" option can lead to issues.  Note: you can not use the blutooth headphone's microphone - the software will notify you of that this device is not compatible, and default to the internal mic in the computer which has a higher sample rate.

  • Bluetooth headphones may be used to listen on desktop but not on iOS.  Using Bluetooth headphones (like Airpods) with the RLS phone app will yield latency in your performance.  Using bluetooth headphones with RLS also forces the use of the built-in microphone, which utilizes a low sample rate intended for conversation.  For this reason, use wired headphones with the iOS version of RLS.

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