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Equipment Setup &

Pre-session Check

* If you are new to Rehearsal Live Share, and have not already done so, please perform the steps on our getting started page first!

Here's how to setup the equipment needed to use Rehearsal Live Share on any supported platform.

Rehearsal Live Share requires hardware components such as a microphone, headphones, and camera to be used in conjunction with the software.   Live share sessions are most successful when all users have preconfigured those components in advance of a session, so check out the tutorials below to ensure a proper setup on your platform.  If you are missing any of the required hardware, check out our recommendations page for suggestions on what equipment to buy.     

Here's a video of quick tips for a pre-session check with RLS.  For more complete, platform specific tutorials, click the links below: 

Pre-session Check: Quick Tips

Pre-session Check: Quick Tips

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