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Upcoming Price Change

It's been a year of whirlwind development to create this new technology, expand its platforms, and add features that make it ever more powerful and versatile.

When we introduced our subscription model, we had no idea Covid19 was coming. Rehearsal Live Share wasn't even a glimmer of a thought in our plans - and it was not at all considered when we devised our original pricing. Nearly a year into RLS development, we've had some time to evaluate our ongoing and escalating costs. With this in mind, we've arrived at the tough decision we must raise our subscription rate.

Of course, no one likes it when prices go up. When considering an increase, we mainly calculated it against real development and operational expenses. But we also hope the value RLS brings to rehearsal possibilities more than justifies the price, and that it remains a strong value added service. As of March 15, 2021, the monthly subscription price will go to US$14.99/month. The annual rate will go to $149.99/year. However, it is still possible to lock in a lower rate for the next year by purchasing an annual subscription prior to that date (the current annual subscription is currently US$99.99, going up to US$149.99 as of March 15).

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