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Introducing a brand new feature for Rehearsal Live Share:

When rehearsing with a group in RLS, there are times when the director needs an easy way to allow one or more participants to demonstrate to the others.

Enter Showcase Mode!

With Showcase Mode, the director can present live performances by a subset of the group to everyone else in the session. Once selected, the showcased participants perform as they normally do, with or without their session-mates recordings, and may receive notes from the director in real-time. Everyone else (the non-showcased participants) hears the showcased musicians plus the director feedback live. They can still learn in the background, just as they would if everyone was in the same classroom or rehearsal room.

Disengage Showcase mode and your back to standard session work with the full ensemble. Or repeat the process by selecting different musicians to showcase.

Download the latest version to start working with Showcase Mode, as well as all the other features in Rehearsal Live Share!

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