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New to RLS: Easy Updates and Other Improvements

We're always pushing the limits with Rehearsal Live Share, which can mean users need to update often to get the most up-to-date features and fixes. With this in mind, today's desktop release includes easy updates; from now on, you'll be able to use the Update Wizard to grab the new release without ever having to open a browser.

We've also improved fader functionality; the program fader will now allow you to adjust the relative volumes of underlying tracks without toggling. Latent participants will also be handled differently to support a smoother rehearsal experience. When the director hits the Play button, participants experiencing internet latency or overtaxed devices will be muted to the director but can still perform and be recorded as an individual take.

On top of that, the new version contains a handful of bug fixes to enhance the overall user experience in Rehearsal Live Share.


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